Schoolly D Smoke Some Kill Rar

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Nov 12, 2007 - Schooly D, ended up gettin' that whole album and albums actually. So propz for. Cuz some shit I can't be finding.? Schooly D; Smoke Some Kill NO IMAGE. About “Smoke Some Kill” When Hip Hop blew up in 1988, Schoolly D released this album. Although it received mixed review from critics, it only managed to peak at #180 on the billboard charts. One of the greatest & most rare albums from Schoolly D, this is the album that really introduced him into the mainstream back in 88. In my opinion The Adventures of Schoolly D & Smoke Some Kill are essentials for any fan [old & new] of Schoolly D.the first pioneer of gangster rap as accredited by Ice-T himself.

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Track numberPlayLovedTrack nameBuyOptionsDurationListeners
1 Smoke Some Kill 3:28 2,034 listeners
2 Here We Go Again 2:43 1,058 listeners
3 Mr. Big Dick 4:36 1,426 listeners
4 Gangster Boogie II 3:43 629 listeners
5 This Is It (Ain't Gonna Rain) 3:56 608 listeners
6 Another Poem 4:20 646 listeners
7 We Don't Rock, We Rap 3:17 573 listeners
8 Play on youtube Signifying Rapper 4:51 1,886 listeners
9 No More Rock N' Roll 3:52 492 listeners
10 Same White Bitch (Got You Strung Out On Cane) 4:19 621 listeners
11 Treacherous 4:27 480 listeners
12 Black Man 4:19 478 listeners
13 Coqui 900 3:34 951 listeners
14 Play on youtube Fat Gold Chain 3:04 2,098 listeners
Schoolly D Smoke Some Kill Rar

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Schoolly D Smoke Some Kill RarSchoolly D Smoke Some Kill Rar

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