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  1. Aug 16, 2018  Laagi Tujhse Lagan - लागी तुझसे लगन - Episode 14. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist.
  2. Watch & Discuss AndTV Hindi Serial Laal. To romance with Balika Vadhu and Laagi Tujhse Lagan. Online is a AndTV Serial. Watch & Discuss all the.

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Laagi Tujhse Lagan
Created byPlaytime Creation
Written byJayesh Patil
Nandini Arora
Vinod Ranganathan
Manoj Tripathi
Anil Deshmukh
Directed byVijay Krishn ChaturvediYash Chauhan
Mayank Gupta
Dinesh Mahadev
StarringSee Below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes512
Producer(s)Paresh Rawal
Swaroop Sampat
Hemal Thakkar
Production location(s)Mumbai
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 24 minutes
Production company(s)Playtime Creationn
Original networkColors TV
Picture format480p (SDTV)1080i (HDTV)
Original release28 December 2009 –
6 January 2012
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Laagi Tujhse Lagan (English: I Have Started Loving You) was an Indiantelevision series that aired Monday to Thursday on Colors TV from 28 December 2009 to 6 January 2012.

It is a love story set in rural gangster background of Nakusha portrayed by Mahii Vij, a beautiful young woman who is forced to hide her beauty with black makeup due to circumstances.


Laagi Tujse Lagan is a love story set in a rural gangster background. The show starts with Nakusha, a dark girl who lives with her mother (Babi), father (Ganpat) and little brother (Sethji).

Nakusha is a beautiful, fair girl in reality but was forced to conceal her beauty to avoid any person taking undue advantage of her beauty as the same had happened with her older sister. Malmal More, the local corrupt police officer, learns the truth while chasing Nakusha and Sethji and arranges their engagement. On the day of the engagement, Babi learns the truth that Malmal More is going to sell Nakusha off in Dubai and she run aways with her family. Running away with Malmal More on their heels, they meet Dutta Bhau.

Watch Hindi Serial Laagi Tujhse Lagan Online

Dutta Bhau saves Nakusha's life but is injured. Nakusha refuses to leave Dutta in such a state (as he saved her life); she brings him to the hospital and donates blood to him. Under the debt of saving his life, Dutta brings Nakusha and her family to live with his family as their servant. There, we learn about the three sisters, Kalavati (Kala), Leelavati (Leela) and Roopwati (Roops), and their love for their brother. Kala keeps burning a lamp on her palm all night long, Leela ringing the temple bell continuously and Roops standing on one foot. We see Dutta coming to break their penance and learn the love Dutta has for his family and his childhood best friend, Bajirao. However, the same day we learn that the sisters had been doing a farce of love just for the sake of hatred and money. From there, Nakusha is seen as being a servant who does not have any fear with Dutta Bhau. She keeps advising and talking to him and encourages him to stop drinking.

The plot changes when Supriya enters the scene. Dutta's mother, worried about her son's marriage and life settlement, decides to engage Dutta to Supriya, taking the relationship ahead. Dutta, afraid of relationships due to previous betryal, is hesitant to fall in love again. He tells Nakusha the truth about how much he loved Seema and how his life changed. Deeply in love, Dutta works hard as a mechanic in a garage so as to be able to build his house and live with Seema after marriage. But One night after waiting for her in vain for hours at the lake, Dutta goes to the garage and discovers Seema in the arms of his employer. Enraged and insulted by Seema who says that she loves people who can provide her with luxury and disgraces Dutta's love, he starts killing and tries to punish Seema. She goes away from his life but Dutta is marked forever. He Changes from Dutta Shriram Patil, a simple & hard working guy, to Dutta Bhau, a local gangster along with Bajirao.

Nakusha encourages Dutta to give life a new chance and to accept Supriya. But she discovers with time that she has fallen in love with him. She conceals her love and continues to persuade Dutta who slowly starts seeing Supriya as a woman and takes a liking to her. Supriya is in love with another man, Ravi, who later comes to the house as Supriya's bodyguard. They plan to elope but, as there are security guards night and day, they are unable to get away. Ravi tells Supriya to act as if she is in love with Dutta and wish that they start a new life so that the security would gradually lessen and they could elope. Kala learns about the love affair between Ravi and Supriya. She promises them that she will help them escape on the eve of the wedding on one condition; that Supriya lie that Nakusha helped her escape. The eve of the wedding, all preparations are done for the escape. But just as Supriya and Ravi reach the door, Nakusha catches them red-handed and discovers their love story. Nakusha wants to tell Dutta the truth but Supriya pleads and falsely swears that she will go on with the wedding and accept Dutta as her husband. Caring for Dutta and not wanting him to be hurt and betrayed again, Nakusha believes Supriya and gives her another chance. She keeps her under close watch. On the wedding day, Kala learns that Supriya is trapped by Nakusha and reverts to a plan B. She claims that Supriya must go to the saloon to get ready; Nakusha accompanies her. On the way, Ravi follows them. While on the way home, Supriya is thirsty and Nakusha goes to buy coconut water for her. At the same time, their car explodes and Nakusha finds Supriya's body.

Back at the wedding, Dutta is happily dancing with his Aayi when Nakusha comes with the news. Dutta is heartbroken but realises that the body is not Supriya's. Nakusha is framed by two impostors who claim that they have done all these on Nakusha's behest which angers Dutta. The letter is found and read by Kala quoting Nakusha's name as the saviour for Supriya. Kalavati further complicates things as she accused Nakusha that she has done all these because she loves Dutta and didn't want Supriya to be married to him. Nakusha pleads innocence to everyone but Dutta is blinded by anger and feels betrayed once more. He also accuses Naku for betrayal and becomes so angry that he points his gun on Naku's forehead. Naku accepts her love for him and denies all allegations but in vain. Dutta destroys everything in his room reminding him of Supriya and get heavily drunk. In a drunken state, Dutta comes back to the 'mandap' and decides to punish Nakusha by getting married to her and making her life hell. Nakusha becomes the unwanted in Dutta's Life who keeps insulting her.

To save Dutta and his family's life, Nakusha helps him. So in return, he forgives her and ask her to leave him. Dutta and Nakusha are lost in a jungle when Anna's men attack him. They meet Jagtap Dada in the jungle who makes Dutta realize Nakusha's importance and loses his life while saving them. It affects Dutta a lot. After coming out of jungle, Nakusha gets kidnapped by Anna. Dutta kills Anna in Anna's house and gets his love of life (Nakusha). He brings back Nakusha to his mansion. Kala and her sisters try to separate them a lot. But destiny brings them together. Dutta gets to know about his father Damodar Patil and Madhoo.

The family decides on Dutta and Nakusha's second marriage. On the wedding night, Dutta gets to know the real Nakusha who is fair and beautiful. In anger, he becomes aloof, but Nakusha's unconditional love soon makes impact on him but destiny separates them. Dutta becomes blind and meets Seema again who wants him back in his life. Nakusha's search leads her to Dutta and they live in jungle for sometime. Kala gets exposed before Dutta and she locks the family members (Including her sisters) in a room. Sudarshan (Leela's husband) joins Kalawati's plan for his jealousy of Bajirao being Dutta's right hand and to get rid of him. Dutta succeeds in saving the whole family, forgives Sudarshan and kicks out Kala from Patilwadi. Leela and Roops who are fed up of Kala's plans become good as they realise Dutta's tremendous love for them. They accept Dutta and Naku as their brother and sister in law. Dutta comes back home with Nakusha to live happily in Patil Niwas. During a party to celebrate Dutta and Nakusha's return home, Dutta's mentor, Nana Tawde enters the household.

The misfortune in Dutta and Nakusha's life does not end here. While doing parikrama in a temple, Dutta gets kidnapped and Nakusha, while following the van, disappears. The news acts like a bombshell in patil niwas. After many ups and downs, Bajirao is thrown out of the house by Aayisahib, who thinks that he is trying to harm the family in order to gain control of Patilwadi. When it is revealed that Bajirao is innocent and this is all Nana's wrongdoings, Dutta's family is forced to leave Patil Niwas. Meanwhile, Nakusha is given shelter by a woman in a fishery village. There she meets Dighu. However, she does not remember anything from her past life. They name her Sahiba.

After many conflicts and troubles, Dighu starts to love Sahiba. Their Amma dies in a bomb blast in their home, which was meant for Nakusha. It is finally revealed that Nana kidnapped Dutta and that he is hand in gloves with Kalavati, who wants to get hold of Patilwadi. Ignorant of this, Dighu brings Nakusha with him to stay at Nana's place. It is during this time that we see the return of Dutta, who was held hostage by Nana and drugged.


Mishal Raheja, Shabbir AhluwaliaDutta Sriram PatilThe main lead of the show; Mishal Raheja’s replacement
Mahhi VijNakusha PatilDutta’s wife
Aadesh ChaudharyDigambarDutta's enemy
Riddhi DograSupriyaDutta’s ex love interest, murdered by Kalavathi
Swati ChitnisAayi SahibKalavathi, Leelavati and Roopvati’s biological mother; Dutta’s stepmother
Chinmayee SurveBabi / MawshiNakusha's Mother
Vinay RohrraBajiraoDutta’s right hand and childhood friend
Aashka GoradiaKalavathiThe eldest sister
Murli SharmaMaleshwar AnnaDutta’s rival
Mouli GangulySubbalakshmi
Tinnu AnandDamodar PatilDutta's biological father
Neetu WadhwaRoopvatiThe youngest sister
Ansha SayedLeelavatiThe middle sister
Soni SinghMadhuDutta's half-sister
Sumit KaulSudarshanLeela's husband
Pavan MalhotraMalmar More[1]


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