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Release Date: 11 November 2010 (Indonesia)
Country: Indonesia
Starring: Aliff Alli, Irish Bella, Arumi Bachsin, Wulan Guritno, George Taka, Argatama Levy, Indah Permatasari, Miradz
Genre: Drama



Download dhoom 3 full movie. Download film heart 2 heart. Heart 2 heart full movie indonesia heart 2 heart movie download film heart 2 heart. Young malang full movie free download mp4. Wrecked by jealousy, Rachel has an accident and is forced to have her legs. As a part of Indonesian film festival and was promised a 'valuable film' for free.

It all started by chance meeting between Pandu (Aliff Alli) with his best friend (Argatama Levy cs) with Belle (Bella Irish), on a beautiful lake.

Three days of these meetings continue, Pandu and Belle find happiness that filled the beauty of forests, tea gardens, lakes, and love. At that time Beau was on vacation at the villa with her parents. Togetherness Pandu and Belle continue to carry in their hearts when they went to Jakarta, Pandu sure if they will meet again mate, Beau was in school in Jakarta, and the new Scout will move to Jakarta

Like a soul mate, life line which is written God, Beautiful reunited with Scout, and love is still there though now there are obstacles. Bayer already has a ‘boyfriend’, and precisely match the choice mama (Wulan Guritno), named Ramon (Miradz)

Until then, an accident claimed the most lives Beau. His vision and his vocal cords. When it is, brother Beau (Arumi Bachsin) again, after all this time to go, because his mother refused to be puppets. Beautiful like a broken doll, declined accompanied by their parents, let alone a boyfriend her parents choice. Pandu returned. Pandu releasing his school in Jakarta to return to the village, following the Beautiful, who chose to spend his solitude at the villa. Pandu never let the Beautiful itself, no matter how hard Belle refused. Together, Pandu and friend Beau (Beau Permatasari) tries to restore the beautiful smile

And that’s where, in the beginning they met, Beau and Scout re-united. As a sentence, “man may go, but love to live for ever”, that’s how their love story became immortal …




Free Download Film Indonesia My Heart

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