Psa Diagbox Serial

PSA Diagbox V9.12 software download FREE for Lexia 3 (11.2017) Posted on November 17, 2017 by sales 44,027 views () Free download Diagbox software latest version 9.12. Also, you’ll have PSA Diagbox 7.02-8.46 to work with Lexia 3 diagnostic tool.


K-lite mega codec pack update. If you have lexia 3 cable clone with Lexia/PP2000/Diagbox software is not compatible with diagbox version greater than 7.02.

You probably know that we must re-flash the MCU internal EEPROM and the SPI that contains no problematic series. Here is the DIY tutorial on how to reflash your lexia3.

So far the only solution was to make a programming interface to reflash the MCU and desoldering SPI EEPROM to be able to reprogram on an EEPROM programmer.
You could do it yourself, but it is not accessible to everyone, and send it to someone who updates your interface to cost money.

As electronics and have already developed on the MCU used in this interface (MB90F546), I developed a special program which is injected into the interface through USB with PSA Interface Checker and allows the upgrade for it to be recognized usb com Evolution board and also change the serial number for a No. non blacklisted series. The interface then becomes compatible with the latest versions of diagbox 8)

If you are confronted with the version on your Lexia 3 diagbox v7.76 clamping interface and want the ‘upgrade, the procedure is as follows:

– You made me demand by private message, giving me your full personal details: name, address, and ideally the email address provided by your ISP.


This personal information I care little, but I need to put them in the file that I send you by email. The customization file with your personal information is used only to deter move the file to someone else, to avoid the spread of wild file on the Internet and prevent profiteers steal my work.

1) Once I have received your application and personal information, I prepare your custom upgrade file and I send it to you by email with the explanations to make updating your interface.

2) Upon receiving my file ‘upgrade in a few mouse clicks, your interface will be updated and compatible with diagbox 7.xx!

You probably read right or left this method update by USB is not good. It’s hype. Once the interface update by yourself with my method, it contains exactly the same firmware (4.3.0 + bootloader Board Com Evolution) by making hardware update (disassembly, reprogramming MCU, desoldering / reprogramming / ressoudage EEPROM). Regarding the serial number, I provided you a No random series that is different for everyone.

This is much better than no single series for everyone, even if existing, for if one day the manufacturer decides to blacklist the serial number, then all these interfaces are found inconsistent with the future versions diagbox !!

And at worst, if one day the serial number that I provided you can no longer work correctly with future versions of diagbox, and although it will be enough to remake me a request and I will provide a new update file to change by the usb serial number in eeprom, always without removing the interface

Psa Diagbox Serial

Ceci est du support technique du site votre câble lexia3 de PSA à travailler avec DiagBox 7.xx

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