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Can also configure the app to quickly initiate tasks by using triggers. Marathi Barakhadi English for Mac offers an easy yet powerful solution for serious DVD collectors who happen to speak and buy their movies in French.

Marathi Mulakshare, Aksharmala or Varnamala is our fourth language app after English, Hindi and Arabic, for Learning Alphabet. Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 90 million fluent speakers worldwide.
It is the official language of the state of Maharashtra (India).
There are 13 vowels and 36 consonants in Marathi. These 13 vowels when combined with consonants form
actual sound of the language. Some of the highlights of the app:
• The picture/words have both translation and transliteration in English.
• The VO is native spoken Marathi.
• New & Soon: Marathi Barakhadi: Putting vowels and consonants together.
• A joyous experience for both young learners and first time learners.
The six sections in the app are:
1. Swar: There are 13 Swar/Vowels in Marathi.
2. Vyanjan: There are 36 Vyanjan/Consonants in Marathi.
The child learns to identify the shape and sound of the Swar & Vyanjan. The child learns to
associate picture with the sound of the letter.
3. Writing Swar
4. Writing Vyanjan
The child learns to write the letter correctly. The formation arrows, choice of colour pencils, eraser
and the blue lines makes writing easy and fun to learn.
5. Activity: Letter Recognition and Picture Recognition. All activities are an excellent reinforcement.
6. FREE Letter Game: is learning with lots of fun.
Our apps are a great way to build the foundation skills that today's preschool curriculum requires. The look and
feel of the apps is just perfect for preschoolers, kids and toddlers.
• More than 60 preschool apps
• More than 500,000 users globally
• Excellent for kids 2-5 years
• Learning & Evaluation
• Reinforcement & Reward
• Available across various app stores.
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