Delphi Exe Decompiler

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Dec 21, 2013  Delphi reconstructor Exe decompiler Dll decompiler Decompiler Delphi Decompile Reconstructor New in Interactive Delphi Reconstructor 2.5.3 Beta: Internal buffer overflow bug was fixed (buffer for converting string variables).

Delphi Exe Decompiler

Delphi and C++Builder Decompiler is an easy-to use application which can help you to restore your lost source code. If you lose your Delphi or C++Builder project sources, but have an executable file, then this tool can rescue part of lost sources. Decompiler produces all project forms and data modules with all assigned properties and events. Produced event procedures don't have a body, but have an address of code in executable file. Version 8.11 fixed most recently bugs and extended user interface.

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