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Star-CCM+ Problem

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Hello guys, I am trying to run Star-CCM+ 9.04 on Windows 8.1 (64-bit). I am completely new at CFD and I am running through the tutorial. I am encountering a problem right at the very beginning of the tutorial, where selecting a new simulation brings up the error message 'Server process ended unexpectedly (return code 1).

The output box displays the following:

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Starting local server: starccm+ -server Serial process 5784

STAR-CCM+ 9.04.009 (win64/intel12.1) License version: 06 February 2013 Required feature version set to 2014.06 or later Checking license file: PoD database message : -20002 FAILED_TOKEN_EXPIRED Failed to get all licenses needed for this job. Asked for 1 licenses of ccmpsuite 'C:Program FilesCD-adapcoSTAR-CCM+9.04.009starlibwin64intel12.1libstar-ccm+.exe' -s -cpubind

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Also, Star 1 does not appear in the Properties box.

I would greatly appreciate anyone's help. :)

Star Ccm License Crack
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