Amex Optima/oasis Program

9 items - AMEX has a program called 'Oasis' where if you have a charge off, they will. Balance you have when you enter the program), you are given an Optima.


Should I apply for an Optima Card to repair FICO score? (American Express)

I am so confused!

Backstory: Lost my job in 2014. Lived off my credit card for food and misc. bills for about 6 months as unemployment was enough to cover the big stuff while I looked for a job. American Express then closed my account when I quickly became delinquent on payments seeing as I had no job. They sold the amount due to a collector. As of last month I paid off the entire amount owed in full.

This month American Express sent me an offer titled 'Regain Membership Card' called an 'Optima Card'. Did some research online and this card has almost no information available on American Express website or the web in general. From what I read online in other forums for people in similar situations but with different card offers. To me it seems that if, hypothetically, I apply and this account is opened then American Express reopens my account using my original date of 2001 for calculating the length of the account. Would this affect my FICO score in a positive way and if so how many points would you estimate it moves hopefully up?

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