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Oct 30, 2017  dill dill PAKISTAN is my favorite song it. Is sung by junaid smashed aka J. In 1970 And the band name is vital signs it is 2nd nation anthem of Pakistan aisi. Junaid jamshed Naat Sharif – Find naat collection and listen online mp3 naats. Michael jackson greatest hits dvd. With the song “Dil Dil Pakistan” and remained a youth icon through the 1990s.

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We have made this Kids Learning Urdu App for The Most Popular Patriotic Song, Dil Dil Pakistan.
We all love this song, since ever we were in schools, and the new generation was not even born at that time. This tremendous patriotic song hit the charts in early 90s , and brought a wave of patriotic songs in the music industry of Pakistan.
Dil Dil Pakistan was produced by the ever green band Vital Signs released in 1987, Sung by Junaid Jamshed, written by Shoaib Mansoor, and Composed by Rohail Hayat, with other members Nusrat Hussain and Shahzad Hassan.
Our app is a Tribute to the Legends of Dil Dil Pakistan.
Love You Junaid!
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Dil Dil Pakistan Junaid Jamshed Mp3 Download Free
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