Astro Byond Software Update Error

Does anyone have problems with their Astro decoder recently. I have been having 'Auto Update' that has been running for 2 days straight with no end in sight and we are not able to watch any programs at all. THe sickening 'Auto Upate' doesnt seem to end and no matter how many times we rebooted the Decoder, it doesnt seem to stop the auto updating. Seems to me like the Astro transmission problem. Called the disgusting Astro who said they will send someone over tomorrow and there will be a charge of RM50 to be paid to the technician who comes over. Question is why should I be paying the technician when this is not a problem caused by our ownselves. Shouldnt Astro send someone to olook into it and the cost borne by them since we are already paying subscription for the transmission? What else are we paying the subscription for then, if these type of faults rectification needs to be borned by us also?
Disgusting Asstro!!

Brocade san switch license keygen. Download film semi korea pling hot lies. Re: Error after software update. Bad:/ Okey i will try. Re: Error after software update. Keep us updated, if I were you, I would buy a Dock or magnetic charger > repair the phone > check again. Download the official Byond L1 Stock Firmware (Flash File) for your Byond Smartphone. We also provide all other Byond Stock Firmware for is officially released by the company and helps you to recovery your device if you ever got bootloop, software error, update error, hanging and dead issue.

Byond doesn't work?
Can't connect to shit?
Did it used to work?Astro Byond Software Update Error
Try these steps:
  1. Exempt byond's install folder (c:program files (x86)byond or c:program filesbyond) in avast or other anti-virus software. ( (This one is mainly for hangs when you attempt to connect to servers)
  2. Enable activex filtering in internet settings (windows 7: .. nt17922399 Windows 10: .. nt17907400) (one of those guides should work for 8/8.1/xp)
  3. Uninstall Windows Update KB3132372 (Know to break things in windows 8.1 and 10, maybe others)

Icons fucked up?
Update byond to 511.1369 or higher.
Shit displays odd. .. px?id=6812
Shit's blurry
Byond 'feature'. We will have a patch out for it shortly
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