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John Oltsik, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group in Milford, Mass., recapped a presentation given by his..

colleague, Doug Cahill, at last week's RSA Conference. The topic: hybrid cloud data protection -- and, more specifically, the security challenges associated with keeping data secure at a time when workloads are being shipped among multiple providers.

'Cloud security remains inconsistent, as organizations don't have the right tools or processes to monitor activities or keep up with DevOps,' Oltsik said. As more workloads move to the cloud, the more serious these security issues become.

Fortunately, there are steps enterprises can take to shore up their hybrid cloud data protection strategies. Among the most important: merging security and DevOps. Oltsik conceded eliminating the operational barriers between these two departments is challenging, but he said ESG research has found 15% of organizations have already made significant moves to integrate the two groups.

Enterprises are also tackling security by creating a new position, cloud security architect, whose chief responsibility is to oversee the transmission of traffic to cloud suppliers.

Read what else Oltsik had to say about Cahill's presentation.


Striking the right balance between work and life

Is there an optimum balance between work and life? That's the question Ethan Banks posed in a blog posted last week on Packet Pushers. Banks said he's always believed it's not worth sacrificing your personal life just to satisfy career goals. That said, there are exceptions, especially during times when a critical upgrade is happening at work, or when you're studying for a certification exam.


That's when you'll have to dig a little bit deeper to accomplish the goals that need to be met.

'I'm not here to tell you it's worth destroying your marriage to become a CCIE [Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert] -- which some people have done,' Banks wrote. 'I am saying that in order to get hard things done, your life will have temporary imbalances if those hard things are truly important to you.'

So, is balance really just an excuse some use to justify their reluctance to spend more time in the office?

See what Banks had to say about that question and his other thoughts about obtaining a good balance between your job and your personal life.

The essence of 'how' and why it's important to networking customers

If vendors want to keep their networking customers happy, they need to explain how their products work and not just market their wares as something that will help meet a company's business goals.

That's because too many companies have been burned by broken promises, said Gartner analyst Hank Barnes. But explaining the how isn't necessarily easy. And vendors are concerned their customers may not be able to understand all the distinctions of what makes their products tick.

It's important for vendors to shed light on how their products operate, but to do that, timing is critical, Barnes said.

'As buyers get more and more interested, they'll grant you more and more attention,' he said in his advice to vendors. 'And most of that attention will be focused on really understanding if, and how, they can be successful with your products and services. That is the time complete, direct, and clear information is critical.'

Once that occurs, vendors have one other matter to satisfy: They have to give buyers a reason to believe. But that's not possible, Barnes said, unless perspective customers understand the basics of how a particular product or service works.

Find out what else Barnes had to say about why vendors need to communicate with their customers.

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Cara Hack Password Smart Billing Warnet Windows

Want to get a better night’s sleep? Most of us do. For IT admins, it’s all too easy to lie in bed at night haunted by the fear of waking up to learn that your organization just got hacked. Or maybe you’re worrying about how you’ll find enough time to configure all those new switches, routers and access points.

Enter Cisco Software-Defined Access

Automation helps to alleviate both these concerns, along with a lot of other challenges that keep IT managers up at night. One tool that can bring to life the benefits of automation is Cisco‘s SD-Access, which takes the key features and benefits of its software-defined networking (SDN) solution for data centers and extends them to campus environments. Cisco says SD-Access can cut the cost of a security breach by almost half, while reducing network provisioning costs by 67 percent.

The five major benefits of SD-Access are the following:

  • Streamlined network design with automation
  • Easier network provisioning with fewer clicks using DNA Center
  • Segmentation of the network, creating boundaries between Internet of Things (IoT) devices and corporate devices
  • Secure network access policies that follow the users and devices, regardless of their location
  • Quick resolution of network issues using analytics

Getting Started with SD-Access

These will be big changes, which may make them feel as intimidating as they are welcome. That’s why Cisco often refers to SD-Access as a journey: an overhaul that institutions can tackle step by step. To help IT departments navigate that journey, I recommend a four-step process:

  1. Identify which parts of the network are ready for SD-Access. These include Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches, ISR4000 Integrated Services Routers and Cisco 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless access points.
  2. Implement the ISE and Stealthwatch to enforce policies and enable the network to act as a sensor.
  3. Adopt the DNA-Center controller to support network design, automation, easy provisioning and policy creation.
  4. Gain insight using Network Data Platform built into the DNA Center Appliance. Analyze data to proactively resolve network issues quicker

The journey lets you transition your network one step at a time and ensures that you have all the right pieces in place for when your organization is ready for SD-Access. Many admins find that implementing a proof of concept SD-Access in stages helps them get comfortable with automation on a small scale before they expand it.

In my opinion, software-defined networking is reaching a tipping point. Organizations are preparing for a new way to manage their networks, making them more efficient, easier to control and inherently secure. With Cisco SD-Access you’ll have visibility into who is on your network, be able to control what they have access to, and ensure quick and reliable access to business applications.

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