Trainz Simulator 2009 World Builder Edition Serial Key

Trainz Simulator 2009 World Builder Edition Serial Key2009
Even though the game is a few years old its a keeper! My rig is an:
Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3
AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1045T Processor, MMX, 3DNow (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz/4 Gigs of Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
Integrated RAMDAC
The simulator set up without a glitch. I purchased the download version. Took approx 1.3 hours at 4 (Mbps) Mega Bytes Per Second for the download to complete. Menus are straight forward, and navigation is easy. In game graphics are very well done. Plenty of scenery: Buildings, rail stations, water, trees, smoke stacks with real smoke rising into the air. In the industrial scenario there is even an airport with a few airplanes flying around and landing on the airport runway. Most importantly (EVERYTHING WORKS)! The track switches are marked with red and green arrows in front of the train's progress, a mouse click triggers the switch for the desired direction. If you are loading wheat into your train cars, you can see the top doors open and the wheat fill the cars. Even animated trucks dumping wheat at the silo. The sound in the game is also very well done, strong and powerful sounding engines and clear train track 'clikety clack'. Multiple view options add some fun to the game also, you can cruise around in the scenery (SLEW) as we call it in the industry. Running behind the game is an awesome moving map display that shows you your trains exact location and what is coming up ahead. Clearly marked and very detailed, shows you every track switch and its current status. You can view the entire route using your mouse or arrow keys without stopping your train's progress. Press M for Map View, press M again puts you back on your train. In the world builders edition you can even build your own routes and choose what trains to run on them! Very Cool! I've been running train and Flight Simulators since their very first inception; I must say I am very impressed with the software's development team's. The detail and available add-ons is virtually endless, some free some payware. Whatever your preference, I highly recommend Trainz 2009 and later versions. Hope This information helps with your software selection. Have FUN!
Trainz Simulator 2009 World Builder Edition Serial Key
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  2. To download TRAINZ SIMULATOR 2009 WORLD BUILDER EDITION SERIAL NUMBER, click on the Download button. This serial key is real. You can drive steam diesel or electric locomotives using controls in the fully 3D cabs or use a simple speed controller for easier train management.

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