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RealMode is a mod for Far Cry 2, created by StoatOats. This mod aims at making the game a bit more diverse, a bit more realistic and ultimately more enjoyable. The intent was to make clearing checkpoints and guarded areas more tactical. Health regenerates slower, weapon damage has been increased, but no one shot pistol kills. Various weapon tweaks such as, realistic ammo and pistols no longer double as scope-less sniper rifles. Increased weapon slot capabilities means you have more choice on what guns to carry. The AI fights harder, sometimes even against themselves and can now use any weapon available. They will hurt you just as much as you can hurt them, and if they can, more so. Recommended to be played on 'Infamous' or 'Hardcore' difficulties. Its dog-eat-dog out there. Be a man.

Far Cry 2 v1.03 Patch. Downloads > Patches and Fixes 17:43 Jun 3rd, 2009. Far_cry_2_1.03.zip This patch includes a lot of improvements for both single.

To instak:

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Same as others, backup existing patch.fat and patch.dat in the Data_Win32 folder withen the FarCry2 folder. Copy new patch files and overwrite existing.

the custom machete reg key will automatically install when you double click on the file. If you want to delete this open regitedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareUbisoftFar Cry 2 and delete. You can view the contents of the reg file by opening it in notepad.

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7 days

Far Cry 2 - Jackal Mod v.1.21mod43.3 MB5/7/201825.7K299
Far Cry 2 - v.1.03patch33.9 MB6/4/200913.6K57
Far Cry 2 - Graphical Enhancement Suite v.finalmod496.5 KB3/15/20157.3K49
Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 2: Redux v.1mod19.7 MB1/21/201963531
Far Cry 2 - RealMode v.1.3cmod26.2 MB12/18/20167.1K25
Far Cry 2 - Play as Female v.1.2mod9.2 MB5/6/20194625
Far Cry 2 - Get Lost for Fortunes Pack DLC v.10052018mod6.3 MB2/4/201941220
Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 2 New Dunia v.1.3.1mod41.7 MB2/18/201944020
Far Cry 2 - Hunter's Far Cry 2 Update GOG v.Final (15122018)mod16.2 MB2/12/201944320
Far Cry 2 - Get Lostmod3.7 MB5/17/20153.5K19
Far Cry 2 - Dans Far Cry 2 Blood and Gore Mod v.1.1mod2.4 MB12/14/20145.7K18
Far Cry 2 - Strelokgunslinger ENB Preset v.0.9mod842.4 KB8/8/20147.3K17
Far Cry 2 - Infamous Fusion v.7xmod35.3 MB3/20/20174.4K17
Far Cry 2 - Hunter's Far Cry 2 Update Steam v.Final (15122018)mod16 MB2/12/201943414
Far Cry 2 - bonus missionsaddon5.9 MB12/9/20088.7K13
Far Cry 2 - Battle Cry v.1.2mod1.4 MB8/13/201861611


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June 3, 2009 - 9:00pm

This patch will include a lot of improvements for both single player and
multiplayer mode; with better browsing features, more multiplayer game options,
and other new additions in order to let you play the game, the way you want.

Many of the new features were requested by members of the community and we
would like to thanks everyone for taking the time to communicate with us, we
hope you will enjoy the improvements.


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Fix some random crash occurring during specific Malaria attacks

Fix health damage not following the difficulty level when switching difficulty
during player's walkthrough

Fix some camera issue when using a mortar near a rock


Add the possibility to play Rank matches on a selection of user maps

Add deaths in scoreboard

Balance current damage model

Far Cry 2 Update 1.03 Crack

Show VIP on Scoreboard (for your team only)

Players can stay on the same host for consecutive matches in Ranked match

Add a Quick match button when selecting a map in the Map community

Fix vehicles spawning on their initial position immediately after being
destroyed by an explosion

Fix client being disconnected from the host randomly and not being able to see
it after that

Fix death message does not appear randomly

Fix some issues when interacting with objects

Serial key for photoshop cs3. Fix bandolier doesn't always unlock extra ammo

Fix some bug when healing another player and getting wounded at the same time

Fix diamond gain in rank mode

Fix players don't get a request to keep a map after playing on a IGE map

DLC Fix some issues when using the crossbow

Dedicated server

Add remote control

Remove 'shaky' interface

Reduce approximately 80% of CPU usage

Reduce approximately 50% of memory usage

Extra feature

Add a 'hardcore mode' that will provide a new damage model where all weapons do
much more damage to increase realism.

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