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The Power function makes more power
available to the induction cooking zones.
The Power function can be activated for a
limited period of time ( see Technical infor-
mation chapter). After that, the induction
cooking zone automatically sets back to
highest heat setting. To activate, touch

comes on. To deactivate, change the

heat setting.


The power management divides the power
between two cooking zones in a pair (see
the illustration). The power function increa-
ses the power to the maximum level for
one cooking zone in the pair. The power in
the second cooking zone automatically de-
creases. The heat setting display for the re-
duced zone changes between two levels.


Count Down Timer

Use the Count Down Timer to set how long
the cooking zone operates for only this one
Set the Count Down Timer after the se-
lection of the cooking zone.
You can set the heat setting before or after
you set the timer.
To set the cooking zone: touch

again and again until the indicator of a
necessary cooking zone comes on.

To activate the Count Down Timer:


of the timer to set the time (




minutes). When the indicator

of the cooking zone start to flash slow,
the time counts down.

To see the remaining time: set the

cooking zone with

. The indicator of

the cooking zone starts to flash quickly.
The display shows the remaining time.

To change the Count Down Timer:

set the cooking zone with

. Touch

or .

To deactivate the timer: set the cook-

ing zone with

. Touch . The re-

maining time counts back to


. The

Serial number dbf viewer 2000 crack. indicator of the cooking zone goes out.


When the countdown comes to an end,
the sound operates and


flashes. The

cooking zone deactivates.

To stop the sound: touch

CountUp Timer ( The count up

Use the CountUp Timer to monitor how
long the cooking zone operates.
To set the cooking zone (if more

than 1 cooking zone operate ) : touch

again and again until the indicator of

a necessary cooking zone comes on.

To activate the CountUp Timer: touch

of the timer

comes on. When the

indicator of the cooking zone starts to
flash slow, the time counts up. The dis-
play switches between

and counted

time (minutes).




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