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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Package Contents ........Introduction ..........Using Your Computer ........1.Main Unit Setup ............6 1. Initiation of Main Unit 2. Basic Display Modes 2. Overview of Button Operation....... 8 1. In Data Setting Mode 2. In General Mode 3. In Altitude Calibration Mode 3.
  • Page 3: Package Contents

    Package Contents 1. MAIN UNIT Main unit 3V battery (CR2032) 2. BRACKET SET Bracket for handlebar or stem Bracket base Twin adhesive tape Cable ties 3. SPEED TRANSMITTER SET Speed transmitter 3V battery (CR2032) Transmitter rubber pad Cable ties Magnet set O-ring 4.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Introduction Congratulations on having chosen the cycle computer with altimeter functions from ECHOWELL. The easy operation of your new Echo-a1 or Echo-a2 will let you enjoy much fun from riding. Please read this manual carefully before using the device to get familiar with the operation logic.
  • Page 5 There is a highly sensitive pressure sensor inside each Echo-a1 or Echo-a2 cycle computer, and there is a hole at the bottom of each main unit for measuring the pressure. You should always keep the hole clean to avoid incorrect measurement and must not poke a needle or any pointed article into it to avoid damage.
  • Page 6: Using Your Computer

    Using Your Computer 1.Main Unit Setup 1. Initiation of Main Unit: 1. Before normal operation, initiate the main unit and select units as stated below: 1-1. Push buttons A, B, C simultaneously for 3 seconds, and you'll see the auto-testing display. 1-2.
  • Page 7 The following is the General Mode Display during riding for reference:...
  • Page 8: Overview Of Button Operation

    2. Overview of Button Operation This computer includes three major display modes as shown below: Data Setting Mode, General Mode, and Altitude Calibration Mode. In this section, you'll learn the function of each button in each mode. The following text lets you know how to use the buttons to operate the computer step by step.
  • Page 9: In General Mode

    setting. Button C: 1. In General Mode, press the C button to enter Data Setting Mode. 2.In Data Setting Mode, press the C button to exit and return to General Mode. Button D: No function. How do you enter Data Setting Mode after initiating the computer? After initiating the computer by pressing the A, B, C buttons at the same time for 3 seconds, press any button to quit auto-testing display, and then select units.
  • Page 10: In Altitude Calibration Mode

    Altitude Calibration Mode. Button D: Press the D button to switch to Bike 1 or Bike 2. 3. In Altitude Calibration Mode Tips: 1.The buttons you'll use in Altitude Calibration Mode: A, B. 2.Buttons for entering or quitting Altitude Calibration Mode: A+B (3's) 3.Buttons for quickly resetting the current altitude to zero: A+B (1's) Buttons A+B: 1.
  • Page 11: Wheel Circumference Measurement

    3. Wheel Circumference Measurement To set the wheel circumference before riding, you should measure the wheel circumference by yourself or just refer to the Wheel Circumference Table as shown below:...
  • Page 12 How do you measure the wheel circumference yourself? Roll the wheel until the valve stem is closest to the ground and mark the corresponding spot on the floor as the first point. Next, roll the wheel forward until the valve stem is closest to the ground once again. Mark the corresponding spot on the floor as the second point.
  • Page 13: Basic Setting & Operation

    4. Basic Setting & Operation Tip for Data Setting : 1. Press the A button to change the value of a flickering digit. Press the B button to move to the next digit in a loop. 2. Press and hold the B button for 1 second to move to the next setting when the current setting is finished.
  • Page 17: General Display

    5. General Display The display of General Mode looks different in different phrases as shown below: 1. Put the main unit onto the bracket, and the main unit will automatically start measuring the speed and cadence. 2. The main unit will automatically enter Sleep Mode in 15 minutes once it doesn't receive any signals from the bike.
  • Page 18: Battery Replacement

    6. Battery Replacement 1. When the low battery indicator is shown on the display, replace the battery with a new one A.S.A.P. 2. The positive (+) pole of the CR2032 battery must face the battery cap. 3.Press buttons A, B, C for 3 seconds to initiate the main unit. Attention: When there's the low battery symbol on the screen, we suggest that you replace the battery with a new one A.S.A.P.
  • Page 19: General Mode Display

    7. General Mode Display When you are riding with the computer, some functions will not be displayed on the screen. These functions like T.AL, ODO, mBAR, DST/D are displayed only when you stop riding.
  • Page 20: About Altitude Calibration

    8. About Altitude Calibration: Tip for Quick Altitude Calibration 1. Press both A and B buttons for 1 second, and the current altitude value will return to zero. 2. Press the A button to set the value of a digit, and press the B button to move to the next digit.
  • Page 21: Temperature Display

    9. Temperature Display Echo-a2 only: The following operation is for 10. Bike 1 /Bike 2 Selection Bike 1 and Bike 2 have their separate data in the computer.
  • Page 22: Data Reset

    11. Data Reset 1. Press and hold the A button for 3 seconds to reset data of DST, RTM, MAX, AVG, ALT,MAX-ALT, MAX-RPM, AVG-RPM (for Echo-a2 only) 2. The following data are stored in memory and cannot be reset: Unit, Cmm1 (Circumference 1), Cmm2, ODO 1, ODO 2, T.RT1, T.RT2, T.AL1, T.AL2.
  • Page 23: El Backlight

    12. EL Backlight 13. Sleep Mode Press the A or B button to wake it up.
  • Page 24: Functions

    Functions The display of the computer can be divided into three sections – upper, middle, and lower display. In General Mode, the LCD display of your computer is as below: The current altitude is always shown on the upper display, and it's easy to calibrate it when necessary.
  • Page 25 For Bike 2, when you do not ride the bike for more than 2 seconds, the speed data will be reset to zero.  Max. Speed 1. With this function, the computer will record the maximum speed you reach during riding. 2.
  • Page 26: Pace Arrow

    wheel signals. If you are riding your Bike 2, the computer will count the riding time for 2 more seconds for the same reason. Regarding the riding time it over counts, the computer will automatically deduct it and show the correct riding time. RPM Current Cadence (for Echo-a2 only) 1.
  • Page 27  ALT Accumulated Altitude Gains (During a Trip) 1. With this function, it displays the accumulated altitude gains during a trip. 2. When you ride over uphill paths, the altimeter will accumulate the altitude gains. However, when you ride over downhill paths, the computer will not deduct the altitude loss.
  • Page 28 2. The altimeter converts the millibar value of atmospheric pressure into the current altitude. 3. Attention: There is a hole at the bottom of the main unit for measuring the air pressure. The hole for measurement should be always kept clean. Besides, do not poke anything into the hole to avoid damage.
  • Page 29 T.AL Total Accumulated Altitude Gains 1. It displays the total accumulated altitude gains during all previous trips . 2. The accumulated altitude gains cannot be cleared by the reset operation. T.AL (1)+(2) Total Accumulated Altitude Gains (Bike 1 + Bike 2) 1.
  • Page 30: Technical Specifications

    Low Battery Indicator 1. When the low-battery indicator appears on the display, it's time to get a new battery. 2. Replace the battery with a new one A.S.A.P. when the symbol blinks on the display. Otherwise, the new data of some functions will not be stored into the computer.
  • Page 31 Distance Per Day 0-999.99 km/mile Riding Time for Bike 1 0H:00M:00S-99H:59M:59S Riding Time for Bike 2 0H:00M:00S-99H:59M:59S Total Riding Time for Bike 1 0H:00M:-9999H:59M Total Riding Time for Bike 2 0H:00M:-9999H:59M Total Riding Time (Bike 1 + 0H:00M-19999H:59M Bike 2) -500m - 8000m Current Altitude (-1640ft - 26240ft) UNIT:1m/3ft...
  • Page 32 Circumference for Bike 1 0-3999mm (default: 2155mm) Circumference for Bike 2 0-3999mm (default: 2050mm) 1H:00M:00S-12H:59M:59S, 12/24H Clock 0H:00M:00S-23H:59M:59S Automatically shifted to the next Auto-Scan per 5 seconds Low Battery Indicator Light for 3 seconds after each EL Back-light press LCD Brightness Levels 1 - 4 * The following RPM (cadence) functions are for Echo-a2 only: Current RPM...
  • Page 33: General Specifications

    General Specifications Operating Temperature C - 50 C (32 F - 122 ° ° ° ° Storage Temperature: C - 60 C (14 F - 140 ° ° ° ° Sensor & Transmitter: No-contact magnet sensor with wireless transmitter Suitable Fork Sizes: 12 mm - 50 mm (0.5'...
  • Page 34: Precautions

    Precautions 1. Watch the road. Don't pay much attention to your cycle computer functions during riding to avoid accidents. 2. Don't expose the main unit to direct sunlight for a long time while you're not riding with it. 3. Never disassemble the device or the accessories. 4.
  • Page 35: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble Shooting Check the Problem Solutions following: No display 1.Is the battery dead? 1.Replace the battery with a 2.Is the battery new one. installation correct? 2.Make sure the positive pole of the battery faces the battery cap. Speed not 1.Is the computer in the 1.
  • Page 36 LCD is Did you expose the Put the main unit in the shade black. main unit to the direct to let it return to normal state. sunlight for a long time when it was not in use? Display is Is the temperature The computer will return to slow.

1. Setting Km/H or Mile/H
A) Press the button on bottom of computer for 6 seconds to start setup.
B) Hold the button until the flickering digit is changed to the digit “2” of the C2155 to recognize either Km/H or Mile/H as desired.

2. Setting the wheel circumference C mm
A) The default is set at 2155mm. Measure the value for your wheel.
B) A quick press of the button advances the flickering digit by 1.
C) To change the flickering digit, hold down the button until the flickering digit moves to the next digit.
D) Hold down the button until (about 6 seconds) it jumps out the setting to store the desired data and complete setup.

3. Wheel circumference
A) Precise measurement: Roll wheel 1 revolution, measure the distance from the marked first point and the second point.
B) Measure the Wheel Radius R
Cmm = 6.2832 x R (R in mm)
Cmm = 159.60 x R (R in inches)
(1 inch = 25.4mm)

**The above mentioned instruction as calibrating the cycle computer is available for most of the Echowell’s computers, but NOT for each model. Please contact us if you have problem in re-calibration.

Tire Size Cmm Setting Value Tire Size Cmm Setting Value
27×1 1/4
27×1 1/4 Fifty
24×1 3/8A
28×1 1/2
28×1 3/8×1 5/8
26×1 3/8
26×1 3/8×1 1/2

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